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winner gourmand world cookbook awards

“Legacy, the recipient of two Gourmand World Cookbook Awards features 25 worldclass chefs from 10 different countries, who have all come together to celebrate the famed San Marzano Tomato. Using “Silvio’s Sauces” as their muse, this exciting group of top-tier chefs deliver a broad selection of recipes that incorporate this little known brand (but considered by many as “the world’s best) of San Marzano based sauces into their recipes.”

tony suppa
Coming Soon! Antonio Suppa’s cookbook
27,352 Sunday dinners with the Suppa family

Antonio Suppa launched WoodWinds with his late father Silvio in January 2007. This magnificent European country manor setting is rife with beautiful gardens and known for abundant, delicious, awardwinning food. Today, Tony is the sole proprietor of WoodWinds, as well as Silvio’s, the highly lauded line of sauces, named after his late father.

Highly respected throughout New England, WoodWinds boasts a wide array of operational expertise on a grand scale. With the accumulated experience of running WoodWinds and cutting his teeth in other family restaurants since the age of six, Tony knows what it takes to keep guests coming back. With a wide array of awards and platitudes, WoodWinds’ brand of hospitality makes it a top-tier banquet and wedding facility that sets the standard and draws customers from all around the country. It is the seamless experiences they continually offer that has been at the cornerstone of their great success.

Highly dedicated to keeping his family’s iconic recipes and legacy at the forefront of the Woodwinds experience, Antonio continues to maintain the standards and techniques passed down through generations.

Their cuisine and culinary prowess is widely known, and having an event at WoodWinds ensures a truly inspirational dining experience. For many years now, Antonio Suppa and his highly trained, dedicated staff have made the dreams of many brides come true.

From the extraordinary beauty of their property to their bountiful, expertly executed cuisine, Woodwinds will deliver an event to remember, time and time again.

silvio's sauces

The WoodWinds of Branford was acquired by The Suppa Family in January 2007. Chef Silvio Suppa and his wife, Vittoria, honed their blend of family-style service with the best of old world tastes at Del Monaco’s, on famous Wooster Street, the Little Italy of New Haven. This is where Chef Silvio’s of Wooster Street Italian Sauces began as well as a long tradition of offering their guest the highest level of service and exceptional cuisine.

Today, Antonio Suppa, son of Silvio and Vittoria, is the sole proprietor of WoodWinds: He previously managed WoodWinds for 12 years, and also worked side-by-side with his father since he was a child learning how to create the foods he loved. Silvio taught him how to cook and eventually to run a business. With his dedication and passion to keep his father’s recipes and legacy at the forefront on WoodWinds menu choices, Antonio continues to maintain the standards and techniques that his father taught him.

With the accumulated experience of working in the family business, Antonio knows what it takes to keep their guests coming back. With their award-winning cuisine and service, having an event at WoodWinds is truly an inspirational dining experience which has lured customers from all around New England. This culinary experience is now Woodwinds’ standard.

For many years now, Antonio Suppa and his highly trained, dedicated staff has made many brides' dreams come true; from their magnificent European country manor setting, beautiful gardens, to their bountiful, delicious cuisine that your guests will continue to speak about long after your event. Antonio knows it is the details that make an event special, and it’s done to perfection at WoodWinds for all your occasions.