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Wedding Event Checklist

Wedding Event Checklist

Once you have secured your date, here is what you need to do to plan a smoothly coordinated event:

Invitations and Response Cards

  • You should order your invitations at least 4 months prior to the reception.
  • Please avoid saying on your invitation that the reception is "Immediately
    Following" the ceremony. We would prefer that you state the time of the ceremony or the reception, i.e. 7:00 pm until midnight, this helps avoid early arrivals and allows us needed time to properly prepare for your event.
  • Entrée selections must be decided upon prior to having invitations printed.
  • Invitations should be mailed out 6-8 weeks prior, return response should be dated for 3 weeks prior.
  • Have your reply cards worded as suggested below.

The favor of a reply is requested before the i.e. twentieth of September


Number of persons____________________________

_________________________ Prime Rib of Beef

_________________________ Baked Stuffed Shrimp

_________________________ Veal Marsala

Food choices not needed if you are having buffet service.

Wedding Cakes

Please contact bakeries about 3-6 months prior to the wedding to arrange for a meeting to select a cake. Cakes provided by WoodWinds are from standard selections and sized per the number of guests. Payments for over-sized cakes, and “extras” can be made directly to our baker. Keep in mind, cake tops and fresh flowers are not included on any standard WoodWinds wedding cake.


  • Please contact a florist at least 4 to 6 months prior to event.

Four Weeks Before the Affair

  • Your first Finalization Appointment will be scheduled. At this appointment we will review your entire file and complete our planning. The following items will be discussed.
  • Exact Menu Selections including appetizer, entrée, potato, vegetable, etc.
  • The procedure for COLOR CODING YOUR PLACE CARDS according to entrée choice. (You may color code with a marker placing dots on the back of the place card as follows: Red: beef, Yellow: poultry, Blue: seafood, Green: vegetarian.
  • If you are having buffet service, you will only need alphabetized place cards with table assignment. There will be no "color dots" on these cards.

    Guest List & Table Assignments

  • We will supply you with a room diagram for table arrangements.
  • You will select your linens.
  • Children and photographers, etc…may have a special (per our printed menu choice) meal at a reduced cost. The cost and options will be discussed.

    Monday Before

  • Final guaranteed guest count & number of each dinner entrée is required during this appointment.
  • Your alphabetized, typed list of guests and table assignments must be given to us at this appointment.
  • We will review sequence of events such as: separate bridal party reception, introductions, first dance, blessing, toast, cake cutting, throwing bouquet, parents dances, etc.
  • Final payment based on full count is due. Payment must be by Bank Certified Check or Cash ONLY. NO REFUNDS shall be dispersed once final payment is made. choices) meal at a reduced cost. The cost and options will be discussed.
  • Bring all your questions to this meeting. We hope to answer everything at this appointment so you are confident we are prepared for your special day.
  • Now relax. You can be assured we are going to make this your "special day".

Here is an example of a Master Table Arrangement. Please have a neatly typed sheet as follows:

Table # 1
1. Dr. & Mrs. Henry Frost, M.D. R.C. (1 Rib & 1 chicken)
2. 2. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Smith, R.C.
3. 3. Master Thomas Smith , C
4. Mr. & Mrs. George Jones, 2R

Dinner Choices: Total # of Guests = 7 (3 Chicken*, 4 Rib*)
* Not necessary if buffet service. Only Total count needed

Place Card Information

Place cards are required at all weddings.
Place cards must be in numerical "Table #" order,
pre-folded when we receive them.

Place cards MUST HAVE the following information
Name of Guest______________________
Table Number_______________________
Dinner Choice (Color Dot on back of place card)
Red - Beef
Blue - Seafood
Yellow - Chicken
Green - Vegetarian

Bring to Our Last Planning Session:

Scheduled Final Payment
Cake Top / Cake Knife
Announcement Sheet
Floor Plan or Room Arrangement
Place Cards & Table Numbers
Toasting Glasses
Alphabetical Guest List
Envelope Holders
Guest Book & Pen

Just for The Bride

Safety Pins
Sewing Kit
Breath Mints

* Please label all novelties with name of party and day/date of affair
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