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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations to all our engaged couples. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that relate to your ceremony and reception here at WoodWinds.

1. Are all gratuities included in the 18 percent service charge?
A. The entire service staff is covered. However, it is customary to tip your maitre’d according to your satisfaction. Also, unless you request otherwise and make arrangements with your maitre’d, there will be a tip “jar” at the bar.

2. How many wait staff per function?
A. As a general rule, there will be one wait staff per 20 guests.

3. Is the price to feed the service staff (i.e. band, d.j., photographer, etc.) the same price as other guests?
A. No. Service staff are billed at two-thirds the invited guest price.

4. Is there a special price for children?
A. Yes. Children 12 and under get the same meal as adults at one-half the price. Children 5 and under can get a special meal at $19.95 (plus tax, service charge)

5. After the booking is made, when do we meet again to discuss the details?
A. A representative from WoodWinds will call six weeks before your function and set an appointment approximately four weeks before the reception date.

6. What should be brought in for this appointment?
A. Nothing but yourselves. It is not necessary to have both the bride and groom
at the appointment, but it may be helpful. Also, a parent may wish to come along.

7. What is the payment schedule?
A. At the time of booking, the contract was filled in at the bottom, listing the payment schedule. Please review and mark your calendar accordingly, as WoodWinds does not send out reminders.
NOTE: The final payment (due five days before the reception) MUST be by certified bank check or cash.

8. Once final payment is made five days prior to reception, what occurs if a guest or guests cancel?
A. You may ask to have dinners taken to go. There are no refunds once final payment is made

9. If my ceremony is booked at WoodWinds, when can we do a rehearsal?
A. Unlike a church or temple, WoodWinds has functions taking place Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Therefore, if you choose to do a rehearsal, it should be planned with your maitre’d, for Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.

10. If I have questions between signing the contract and meeting, when is the best time to call?
A. Whenever possible, please try to call between 10am - 5p.m during the week, as you will be most likely to reach a representative from the banquet department during these hours. E-mails will be answered promptly, also.
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